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The genealogy of Adzuma-Ryu Ichimura Hazaemon the 15th established the first head of Adzuma-Ryu. In the 8th year of Showa (1933), Toma Harue, the daughter of Hazaemon and Touma Hasaya, was a disciple of the 2nd head of Toma-Ryu, Toma Kanuemon. At that time, Toma Harue changed her name to Adzuma Harue. She succeeded as the 2nd head of Adzuma-Ryu in the14th year of Showa (1939). Adzuma Harue then changed her name to Tokuho in the 17th year of Showa (1942).

Adzuma Tokuryu succeeded as the 5th head of Adzuma-Ryu in the 25th year of Showa (1950). However Tokuryu who also used to be a Kabuki actor with the name Nakamura Tomijuro refused to accept the position of head in April of the 43rd year of Showa (1968) because he wanted to devote himself to the refinement of his art. Adzuma Tokuho became the head again. In February of the 53rd year of Showa, the present head, Adzuma Tokuya succeeded to the position of 6th head of Adzumaryu.