六代目 家元 吾妻徳彌

Thank you for visiting our official "Japanese Traditional Dance" (Adzuma-Ryu) home page. Here, we would like to introduce to you our school, the fundamental knowledge of Japanese dancing and how to become a member.

About 200 years ago, Edo-Sanza (Nakamura-Za, Ichimura-Za, Morita-Za), the official Kabuki theater in the Edo era flourished. Adzuma Tozo, a choreographer of Ichimura-Za started Adzuma-Ryu as a direct descendent. The name of Adzuma Tozo was inherited from the first to the third, and thereafter Adzuma-Ryu ceased for a period of time.

In the beginning of the Showa era, my grandmother, Fujima Harue, the daughter of the dominant kabuki actor, Ichimura Hazaemon 15th, succeeded to the 4th head and revived Adzuma-Ryu. The 4th head Fujima Harue then changed her name to Adzuma Harue and then again changed it to Adzuma Tokuho. She used her influence to elevate the status of Adzuma-Ryu before the World War II.

One of her achievements was to pass down from generation to generation the performance of Adzuma kabuki just after the war, which made Japanese dancing popular overseas. The performance was held in about 40 cities in more than ten western countries and gained enormous public favor.

The great achievement of Adzuma-Ryu is that we have held a position as leaders of the form adopting new styles, while still remaining traditional.

I succeeded Grandmother Tokuho and participate in overseas performance enthusiastically with devotion. We also focus on domestic performances participating with other schools, spreading traditional Japanese culture among the younger generation.

In these days, the importance of the succession of tradional Japanese culture has been rediscovered. Consequently Japanese traditional music and instruments are now being included in the school curriculum. Japanese dancing has also been rediscovered not as a special subject, but as entertainment for Japanese.

It is my hope that you will become familiar with Japanese kimono and are able to experience the delicate Japanese sensitivity through traditional Japanese dance.

Through Adzuma-Ryu we, ourselves enjoy observing traditional things and focus our efforts on harmonizing things traditonal with things modern.

We hope you will become familiar with Japanese Traditional Dance through this site.