Japanese Dance Costume
Japanese Dance History

When speaking of Japanese costume, we find the kimono to be indispensable.However the stage costume's dressing system has several relevant points which differ from the current system of our nomal use. Stage costumes are designed according to the season of the performance and the role's sex or character. The costume as well is an important method of theatrical representation.

On the other hand, Japanese dancing at times adopts 'suodori', which is a performance focusing on the dancer's physical expression not costume.

Many of the beautiful stage costumes can be said to be works of art. The following are some costumes, listed by performance title, owned by the head of Adzuma-Ryu, Adzuma Tokuya.



Fukugawa Hakkei

Shigure Saigyo

Kishu Dojoji

Shima no Chitose

Keijo Dojoji