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Following is a list of Adzuma-Ryu set piece CD's for distribution for the Adzuma-Ryu examinations 'Natori' exam, 'Shihan' exam and the professional instruction exam.
1. Set piece of music for the 'Natori' exam 'Nagauta' Matsuno Midori by Yoshimura Ijyuro
2. Set piece of music for the 'Shihan' exam 'Shiyomoto' Tachibana by Kiyomoto Koshizu Dayu.
3. Set piece of music for the 'Shihan' exam and 'Nagauta' Tate Sanbanokina by Kineya Katsugoro and Kashiwa Shotaro.
4. Set piece of music for 'Senmonbu' 'Nagauta' Kyoka no Komusume Doseiji by Yoshimura Ijyuro.

These are all excellent performances by professional musicians. The supervising editor is Adzuma Tokuho, the 2nd head of Adzuma-Ryu. Program of this CD is most suitable for those practicing to be 'Natori' and 'Shihan', aa well as for those who would like to simply enjoy traditional Japanese music and the related world of traditional Japanese dancing.

Purchase price is 2500yen.

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